Innovatively Changing your H&S Culture

Behavioural Safety / Behaviour Modification Programmes follow simple psychological based mehods and tools, which are becoming an increasingly innovative and popular way to influence and change behaviours - which ultimately drives positive cultural development within your business.

We have over 20 years experience in these powerful programmes and can design / construct bespoke packages to suit your business culture challenges.

RAMS Safety can help your business

Why change your Health & Safety Culture?

The power of your Health & Safety Culture should not be underestimated. Perceptions and Culture are the key to change. 

Culture is often described as “the Social Behaviours, Beliefs, Norms and Habits found within any particular society or group” (which includes individual businesses and even within individual teams). 

Culture varies dramatically, which is why we will design a Behavioural Based Programme that suits your business needs to achieve positive change. We offer tools ranging from Lumina Spark Psychometric Testing / Personality Profiling to full  Culture Change Management Systems.

Although many training providers offer a one-size fits all programme, we can design a bespoke offering that fits your business perfectly.

“Learning” in psychological terms, is described as “a long-term effect on behaviour due to experience”. We have many behavioural and psychological tools available to teach and change peoples perceptions and behaviours. 

When we change perceptions, we change behaviours. When we change behaviours, we impact cultures.

The ultimate aim for any business should be to reach and maintain a consistent “Interdependent Safety Culture” – where people are empowered to challenge others unsafe behaviour and everyone is looking out for one another. This can be achieved with our help!

Protect Business - Prevent Harm

Don't wait until its too late!

Can your Business afford to wait? 

We offer initial Behavioural Assessment Visits and / or introductory Behavioural Safety training for Directors and Managers. This training provides thought-provoking insights into how we got here… and which changes can be made to get where we wish to be. 

Our introductory training provides an overview of the many powerful tools and methods available to make real, long-lasting change.

Various optional follow-up programmes are available. 

Contact us to arrange an initial Behavioural Safety Assessment Visit and / or Introduction Training

Did you know?

Almost 90% of accidents are a direct result of Unsafe Behaviours

Did you know?

Only 10% of accidents are due to Unsafe Conditions - focus is needed on Behaviours

Did you know?

Changing perceptions immediately & directly influences Behaviours

Did you know?

Unlocking a focus on Behaviours offer significant improvements in H&S Culture

Understand how habitual behaviours are formed and how this affects your Culture

Understand your current Culture and which adjustments will have a powerful impact

Minimise unwanted behaviours and influence / increase positive & safe behaviours