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RAMS Safety (North East) Limited are a newly formed customer focused Health, Safety & Environmental / Sustainability and Coaching consultancy.

We support businesses who may not have the opportunity to employ a full-time Health, Safety and Environmental Manager (from new / start up businesses to long established) – or those wishing to take their business to the next level by providing additional support, innovative safety systems, coaching and personality profiling. 

We can help and support you to meet your legal Health & Safety requirements by providing simple, proportionate and cost-effective solutions.

We also specialise in innovative Behavioural Based Safety and Culture Change solutions (including Lumina Spark Personality Profiling / Psychometric testing), to help change behavioural patterns within your business / workforce to reduce the likelihood of harm and drive business performarnce. 

We understand that in the modern climate, businesses want to be confident that they are protected from prosecutions, fines, downtime or possible prison sentences. We can inherently support you with this by preventing the potential of harm.

Our philosophy is to protect your business and simultaneously prevent the likelihood of harm to employees, contractors, public, or others. 

We can assist you to meet the mandatory Legal requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and other associated Regulations.,

By helping businesses understand and control significant hazards, we can support your business to minimise the risk of any unwanted or negative outcomes. 

Appoint a Competent Person to help you manage H&S

You MUST choose a competent person who will help you manage Health & Safety in your business.

We offer retainer facilities to support your business. For a small monthly fee, we can provide you with competent advice, support and be appointed as your Competent Person.

Complete Risk Assessments and confirm suitable Controls

Under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations, you MUST:
- Identify all significant hazards in your business
- Identify how serious the risk is
- Take action to eliminate or control the risk to an acceptable level
We offer a personalised service to produce and document suitable & sufficient risk assessments for your business.

Prepare and Share your Health & Safety Policy

The Law states that you MUST have a policy for Health & Safety.

This includes setting out your general approach to Health & Safety and explain how it will be managed. We offer full support to complete your bespoke H&S Policy and update it as necessary.

Report certain Accidents & Illnesses to the HSE

Under the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations, you MUST report certain workplace injuries, near-misses and work related diseases to the HSE.

We can provide clear advice, guidance and support you with investigations, root cause analysis and any formal notifications to the HSE.

This is not an exhaustive list!

There are various other Legal requirements which MUST be met. We can help you meet ALL of your HS&E needs and

Consult your Workers on Health & Safety

You MUST consult all of your employees on heath & safety, such as the work they do, how the risks are controlled to an acceptable level and use the best ways of providing information, instruction and training.

We can guide you on the most suitable & cost-effective ways to consult and train your employees.

First Aid at Work

Employers MUST make sure employees get immediate help if taken ill or injured at work. You MUST have:
- a suitably stocked First Aid kit
- an Appointed person to take charge
- information telling employees about First Aid

We can advise and support your business to ensure you are legally compliant.


We have over 20 years experience in the field of Health, Safety and Environmental / Sustainability support.

We also specialise in Behavioural Safety Systems to drive the next-step evolution of your HS&E Culture.

General Health & Safety - Did you know?

Ignorance to the Law is not a defence. You are better off knowing and understanding what you are legally required to do – this way you have a chance of PROTECTING BUSINESS – PREVENTING HARM!

Behavioural Safety - Did you know?

It is estimated that approximately 90% of all accidents are due to unsafe behaviours and only 10% are due to unsafe conditions! We can support you with Behavioural Leadership training and develop simple psychological tools & techniques, which can directly influence behaviours and reduce the likelihood of incidents or injuries.

Risk Assessment - Did you know?

All employers must identify all “reasonably foreseeable” risks and control them so as far as is “reasonably practicable”. We can assist and help you decipher these requirements by breaking them down into understandable, simplified bite-sized chunks and documented Risk Assessments.

Sentencing Guidelines Review - Did you know?

Health and safety offences are concerned with failures to manage risks to health and safety and do not
require proof that the offence caused any actual harm. The offence and related fines are for those who have created a risk of harm – you do not need to cause any harm / injury to be prosecuted.

Please revisit for any updates

Additional Information

Why should anyone Manage Health & Safety?

Most people (or businesses) do not intentionally wish to put their businesses, employees or others in harms way. They never intend to inflict unnecessary pain, harm or suffering to others, or their innocent families who are often affected most. Morally, managing Health & Safety is the right thing to do.

Under the Heath and Safety at Work Act (supported by many other Regulations), businesses and individuals have Legal Duties imposed upon them to ensure the health, safety and welfare of its employees and others. Failure to do so can ultimately result in prison sentences for those who are most negligent.

The cost of poor Health and Safety puts significant risk on any business. This includes potential down-time, investigations, prosecutions / fines, civil claims, increased insurance premiums, damage to property and poor reputation etc. Good Health and Safety reputations can support winning additional work and improved morale / productivity.